Noordhoek’s new Community Market

24 Nov 2012 by Horizon Cottages, Comments
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Noordhoek is a coastal village that offers visitors a rural country charm. There is an on-going tussle here between those who would suppress any attempts to make the village more popular and those who wish to promote and share what Noordhoek has to offer- peace, tranquillity, clean air and more sunlight hours than anywhere in Cape Town.  Residents bemoan the fact that the very popular Thursday Earth Fair market at Noordhoek Village had to be closed because of those who objected about zoning issues at Noordhoek Farm Village

One of Noordhoek’s more recent success stories is the establishment of a vineyard that is uniquely situated on the narrow strip of the Southern Peninsula between the cold Atlantic and warmer waters of False Bay; a strip of land that is continually buffeted by breezes from both of the oceans and which appears to create a microclimate ideal for the production of award winning Sauvignon Blanc wines. The Noordhoek vineyards stretch high up the mountain slopes from Silvermine Rd in the village, overlooking the magnificent stretch of Noordhoek beach as well as the wetlands; creating an enviable spot for picnics. Cape Point Vineyards has now stepped into the breach with a new community market aimed at bringing together local producers as well as the people of the village and which will be held each Thursday from 4:30 to 8:30 pm.

The inaugural market held on Thursday 22 November was an unqualified success, starting with a complimentary glass of their iconic “spattered toad” red or white wine for the first hundred guests, and a thank you note from the owners. The Noordhoek Community Market is held in their new tented Summer Tasting Room; a soaring Bedouin type marquee in a beautiful setting above the vineyard’s dam, with rolling lawns, magnificent views and ample secure parking. There are so many markets in Cape Town that one gets a sense of sameness if you are a regular visitor to these. The Noordhoek community market, by sourcing new suppliers, offers something that is a little different to any of those that we have visited. Although there was a wide range of interesting things to eat and drink on offer it is apparent that there is sufficient space for the market to expand as it becomes more popular.  Before sunset the need and support of Noordhoek residents for a place where children can play in safety and where one can enjoy informal dining, meeting and chatting in a beautiful setting was evident as the evening air was filled with the laughter of children running and playing barefoot on the lawns whilst the adults enjoyed a drink and a chat. Something else that distinguishes this market is the fact that, although it was crowded, there are ample tables and benches provided with the further option of hay bales or even the lovely lawns if it should ever become too full.

Whilst there were a number of stalls offering preserves, crafts, home bakes and the like, this first market focused clearly on offering a wide an interesting selection of food, either ready prepared or quickly prepared while you wait. The food included a selection of seafood wraps and rolls from Kommetjie, organic health food options, glorious matured steak rolls, chicken curry and bobotie spring rolls from the Vineyards own kitchen, laced coffees and crêpes and many more. It was however the Burritos of the colourful character, Pedro, from Cuba who seem to have attracted the most attention and popularity. His chicken or steak filled tortillas, topped with avocado, cheese and spicy sauce drew the crowds. There was even sushi being freshly prepared by the staff of the de Noordhoek hotel. Sushi , once a rare delicacy sometimes drawing shudders, appears to be set to take over from Samosas and pies as the most available snack to be found anywhere in South Africa.

Thirst quenching fresh juices were on offer together with Artisan produced beers, whilst the award-winning wines of Cape Point Vineyards were being served, either by the glass or by the bottle, at crowd pleasing prices.  As the sun set over Noordhoek beach, filling the sky with spectacular colours reflected also in the farm dam just below the market there was much talk about becoming regulars at the market and the hope that this, too, will not fall foul of the regulatory authorities.

Cape point Vineyards have reinstated their summer picnics with the picnic site, just  below the tasting room is now open between 10:00 and 20:00, offering spectacular views and a range of delectable picnic baskets available to order 24 hours in advance. Picnic blankets, cushions and umbrellas are provided, but pets, music systems and food or beverage items purchased elsewhere , are not permitted.  Because numbers are limited to prevent crowding it is essential to book your picnic beforehand which can be done by contacting . If you can’t make the Thursday Community market- try the picnic venue.

If you would like to spend a weekend unwinding in our beautiful valley, and enjoy these and other attractions try our affordable self catering cottages or chalets.

By : Horizon Cottages, Noordhoek



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